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A Rather Short, Boring Post

From the blog, The Daily Dark
I realize that I wrote a post a few days ago, but forgot to publish it. So, instead, I think I'll leave it in draft mode. No point in publishing it now. It was mainly about how Lanie had this burst of energy and how she was practically bouncing off the walls, talking about she's happy because she's feeling "better". It didn't last though. Her mood descended again and she got sick again ... Read more »

Minecraft Stabilizes Bipolar Disorder I

From the blog, for my mental health
This blog over 10 years old but all my archives deleted long ago. :) About me? I have a lot of health issues, none worth writing about today. The main reason I felt compelled to write now is because I AM OKAY. It started last December when I discontinued all meds against doctors advice and went on a 3 day fast. And here I am . . . still happy, no ... Read more »

How to talk to Mr Obama...golfspeak!

From the blog, A Blog of Thinking Allowed
There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding what the President is saying.  And there seems to be an even bigger gap between what others--experts I might add--are telling him and what he appears to be hearing.  I have a suggestion. Communication is key in all relationships. We must find the recipient of our message and relate to them on their level or the message is lost. Actually, there is ... Read more »

Going in Circles....

From the blog, Medtime
Seems like I keep going in circles. Sometimes I wanna smoke my weed and sometimes Im ready for staying clean. Ive struggled with the weed since my recovery  all began back in the 90's. I feel like weed is ok then when I smoke it Im angry at myself and feel real real guilty. If I could feel ok  I would smoke it right now. I'll say to myself "its ... Read more »

hello again

From the blog, Daily Nuggets
Well, I will tell you more about me. I was mostly raised by my mother who was, and still is, a practicing alcoholic. I was pretty much ignored a lot by her and had to, in a sense, raise myself. She favored my younger brother and, while neglecting me, she would buy him the best of clothes--while I was lucky if I got hand-me-downs. There are some other things going on ... Read more »

This Too Shall Pass...Won't It?

From the blog, Heather Unbalanced
I dont expect many people to read this blog. Its more of a personal journal made public as my way of telling the world, "Im not ashamed of my feelings. I have them. I acknowledge them. I let them move on." This particular blog, my first one, is being written during a time of grief. I have lost someone. Not to death; nothing so serious. But I have lost a man. ... Read more »

Rant of Randomness

From the blog, The Mosaic of ADHD
The sun is shining, it's warm and there is a cool breeze. My beautiful daughter is home practicing piano. Yet, here I am feeling like trash or "rubbish" as my daughter likes to say. Things aren't terribly wrong. In fact, they're relatively good considering  what the past year or two has been like. I won't get into the decade or two before that. Well, not right now at least. So, ... Read more »

I'm a Freak Accident Away from Becoming a Supervillian

From the blog, Random Thoughts
I love watching superhero movies. It doesn’t matter if I even like the superhero, I still will see the movie. Lately I’ve taken on a fascination with the supervillain. There are two types- the pure evil villain who knows (s)he is evil and intentionally wants to be as cruel as possible and there’s the mentally unstable underdog who as a result of some freak accident has gained super powers that when combined ... Read more »

I Am Looking For A New Love, Yeah!

From the blog, I loving Ear to talk too from Nanette T.
I sometimes feel like life is blah.  sad, and happy too.  Today I am happy and encouraged.  I am looking for new interests in my life.   I am trying to write a book and I want to do something good. I am looking for love in art, love in my son , love in my husband Matt.   Love and friendship in my psychiatrist Flowers.  I am looking for a ... Read more »

May 7th Diary Cards

From the blog, Stepping Through Thorns
Well I've taken back to posting here daily because I never manage to get around to writing it down for DBT journal/diary cards. So starting with yesterday - took a Xanax in the morning before group. Seemed like a great idea. I was apprehensive because I hadn't done my journaling, nor did i pick up my homework and I didn't want to get nagged at - all worked out alright. Avoidance -high'ish' but ... Read more »

History of Frontal Lobotomy

From the blog, Benjamin A Kozlowski
           The history of the surgical treatment of psychiatric disease has a complex history, at times controversial, at others popular, and its origins reach back into distant history.  Beginning with the discovery of the Ensisheim burial site in France, we can find evidence of a procedure known as trephination; a procedure where a circular saw of some type was apparently used to ... Read more »

Just Life

From the blog, Just Life
This page is about life in general. The pain, joy, and roadblocks to life. Most of it will be about the pain we feel because of life in general and how we can be stronger, better people.  Some or possibly much of it will be about my personal experiences and what I have done to get through some tough moments. Please comment or keep track if you find that "Just ... Read more »

Questions of love

From the blog, The Blog of Blahzey
My daughter once teased me when she gently placed her hand upon my chest saying she was trying to cool herself off on my cold, cold heart.  I know it was in jest but it makes me wonder.  Is my heart warm or cold?  I love a lot of people, men in particular.  At least i think i do.  Is that possible?  How do we really know we are feeling ... Read more »

On the Outside Looking In

From the blog, Lighting The Labyrinth
Nowadays our world is filled with so much sin, Sometimes its best to be on the outside looking in; People having no respect for those of old age, Actions not of love only those of rage; People never looking deeper than the face, Despising others only because of their race; People never letting go of a grudge, Everyone thinking they must be the judge; Everyone thinking their better than others, Turning their backs on sisters and brothers; Peace and Justice ... Read more »

Chef Jeff's Cajun Roux

From the blog, no rhythm no reason
Everyone that has had the pleasure of eating Cajun food, has eaten a roux.  It is a simple sauce making technique, that I believe every cook or would be cook should learn how to make.  It really is simple to learn, and just takes some practice to become an expert.  The good news if you master how to make this simple roux, you will be able to make 3 mother ... Read more »

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