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Chef Jeff's Cajun Roux

From the blog, no rhythm no reason
Everyone that has had the pleasure of eating Cajun food, has eaten a roux.  It is a simple sauce making technique, that I believe every cook or would be cook should learn how to make.  It really is simple to learn, and just takes some practice to become an expert.  The good news if you master how to make this simple roux, you will be able to make 3 mother ... Read more »

I like him better high

From the blog, Random Thoughts
Growing up my Dad was a violent alcoholic. I lived in fear of him. I feared he would hurt me, but even more than that I feared he would kill my mom. There were times it came close. I always blamed the booze. I thought if he quit drinking he would be a great father, a great husband, life would be good. 12 years ago it happened, he quit. It took ... Read more »

Uncontrolled Coincidence?

From the blog, I'm Taking Back The Life You Stole
There is something that I have been dealing with that I just haven't figured out. I now have three instances where I am hypomanic and some how, magically, a man contacts me to talk to him and things get very personal. It happened in 2006 and I was heartbroken, it happened in 2010 and I had to put more bandaids on my heart, again in 2013 and now here I am ... Read more »

Phase in a Maze

From the blog, Through the Maze
Well, as I am learning how to use this site I just spent 20 minutes writing on what turned out to be the sample page. Oh boy, this is quite an adventure. But, it's what I've wanted to do for a while now. So, here goes! Through the Maze is of course about my life, my life filled with twists and turns, as is everyone else's. I've always loved writing, and ... Read more »


From the blog, A Blog of Thinking Allowed
I've been remiss in writing till now...and not sure I can really write well or much at this time. You see, my beloved service dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma on November 19, 2013 and given only 3 weeks or so to live.  It's a long story of rejecting that diagnosis and trusting God for healing...a miracle...and in a way I did receive two miracles:  Caleb lived pretty well for 3 months, ... Read more »

On Again, Off Again: A Prozac Affair

From the blog, Diary of a Depressed Dreamer
It was perhaps 7 months ago that I declared with no sense of uncertainty to my therapist that I would "never, ever go back on anti-depressants again." She asked me why, and I told her that I hated being on them (several times over the last decade, usually for no more than 9-12 months at a time, and always to get me through particularly ... Read more »

I don't know why it is so bothering me

From the blog, just here
Something happen, I dunno why I would feel so upset and hurtful. And I dunno why I would be so bothered by it. ... Read more »

Starting all over.

From the blog, Not exactly an optimist
I ended things with my old therapist a while back and I've started seeing a new therapist. I really miss my old therapist because I feel like I can't talk to the new therapist. I only talked about the anxiety and so the new therapist doesn't really know a lot about me. The new therapist isn't a psychologist and I can't talk to her about symptoms because she doesn't even ... Read more »

No Beginning, No End.

From the blog, Light Switch in the Dark
Writing this post is like scraping your nails along a chalk board for me, not because I hate writing, I love it. I think its because of what I’m trying to talk about, it’s a subject of which I know little but live with everyday. Myself. I don’t mean to say that in a vein way and don’t worry every sentence is not ... Read more »

Around, around, around again..

From the blog, ⇜ŞŤiŁL↭฿r₀kℯℕ⇝
And hopefully it stops here.. Meds are sorted out. tho's are the only reason why I ended up inpatient three times over the past month. If i had my meds, I feel like i wouldn't have had to go inpatient. Given the past 2 year history had no inpatient admits since I had started taking my meds and staying on them - for the most part lol :shyblush: Anyways, my meds ... Read more »

waking to talk of voodoo and memories of the dead

From the blog, Trying To Be Here Now, Again.
Last night, I left the radio on, as I am wont to do when the night brings troubling thoughts, and woke to a discussion/interview with a Haitian scholar of voodoo...the talk interested me and wound its way around my fleeting dreams and conscious thought. So much, I thought, goes on Inside and in Connection with the world we do not see...all out of One energy. All is physics/chemistry/those mysteries.      The ... Read more »

Man bites Dog

From the blog, The Blog of Blahzey
catchy no? The first time i read these words they stuck with me. The second time i read them it was like de ja vu. Who really knows what it means? I knew this guy once and this was his moniker. I fell stupid in love with him. Was crazy really. There was just something about him. All the pain he wore outside was like a reflection of what i ... Read more »

New Entry

From the blog, Eyes of Time
I really don't know what to try except that I am starting to wonder if my therapist is really doing me much good these days. Whenever I go to see her for our visits, i tend to tone out what she is saying to me. I know I need the help and I know it is doing me some kind of good otherwise I wouldn't keep going back there. I ... Read more »

Day Off Work

From the blog, Choocha Spills
I have a rostered day off today. I slept in all day; didn't wake up till 5.30pm. That's the worst part of working nightshift - wasting my days. I should have spent the day looking for a new job. I'm very unhappy at work right now. I found out that the gossiping at work is totally out of control. I discovered that people at work think I sleep and don't do ... Read more »


From the blog, Therapy: A Vast Ocean
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Many of you know me on PC as "miswimmy1". I've been on PC for about 3 years now and I have only recently discovered the whole blog thing. So hang on while I learn the ropes... My primary reason for being on PC is that I love to help people. I feel like I have had some unique experiences in my lifetime and if ... Read more »

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