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I've Screwed Up Yet Again

From the blog, The Friendly Sadist
Should I really be surprised? I feel just like I did when I was seventeen. Out of control. I am VOWING to not spend all my money on drugs. I can't do that anymore. I have to get clean and shake this. I cannot slip back to where I was three years ago. It was so bad. I am not willing to be a complete fuck up again. I wish ... Read more »

A Bunch of Talk; Opinions about Everything From Mental Illness Stigma to Politics

From the blog, impressions
First of all, let me say this; although I'm bipolar and have my medications regulated pretty well now, I believe that my opinions are still valid. This may sound like a statement of the obvious to the more enlightened segment of the population and/or those with similar issues and diagnoses. To many others, it probably sounds like a defensive and paranoid opening statement (thereby tainting all that follows) but forgive me;  ... Read more »


From the blog, Surviving Life
Oh my, where to start? Good news, no sign of PML infection in the last MRI. Still waiting on more bloodwork results. Neurologist prescribed Ampyra to assist with gait and balance. May begin relapse prevention with Aubagio after review of next blood panel. I didn’t realize how much I distracted my over active mind with work. It was my purpose; the fuel for my ambition and determination, learning and leading. This new chapter of ... Read more »

Yet Another I-Should-Really-Be-Sleeping Moment

From the blog, Finding The Missing Pieces
So I haven't been functioning well recently. Between my family being jerks (silence your cellphones, turn off your iPhones, and silence your pagers, because the latest film installment of Brain Wars is about to begin! * Kidding aside, it sucks), my memory playing tricks on me, and me getting headaches (plus my sense of self taking a beating from my family. **), I'm not doing well. And I'm realizing something...I think ... Read more »

Abyss (16/04/13)

From the blog, The Shadow's Voice
Ugh, out of the fire and into the frying pan. Yes I used the metaphor backwards, it went from really bad to bad. >_> Still not any good though. I won't try to draw on and on with it, but it's been a sucky day overall. My laundry, thanks to that escapade last week, has piled up due to everyone else's being done, when at the start of the week ... Read more »

Mania on Vacation

From the blog, Child of the Universe
I'm in between jobs at the moment. I quit a job at a fast food restaurant because of the horrible, horrible conditions and the brutal way the staff treated me, and found another job three days later as a housekeeper at a senior living facility...SCORE! The job doesn't start immediately. I've been told that it can take up to three weeks to have my application processed (which took me over ... Read more »

Overcoming my past to ensure a better future!

From the blog, Bittersweet Heartsongs
So, yeah. If you've been following my posts on the forums at Psych Central, you've no doubt read about my delving into the dating scene again. I was constantly asking myself what I was missing from my past relationships, why intimacy felt more so like I was just going through the motions just to reach some form of self satisfaction, rather than the anything meaningful or deep. Somebody was kind enough to enlighten me that I lacked ... Read more »

Blog #1: Hello!

From the blog, Hikari
Hi, this is ant0531 (ant for short), and welcome to my blog. On this blog, I will write and blog about some things that interest me, how I am doing, and just some of my own opinions. And may the randomness begin. :3 :) ... Read more »

Watching Netflix

From the blog, Fighting The Storm
Tuesday, one of my three days off. I would only have two, but they don't have mandatory overtime yet so I've been having three. Anyway, besides the point. I'm watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix, because I recently finished watching Leverage and I wanted to put some space in before watching one of my other favorite shows again. So I'm watching Nurse Jackie, not sure how I feel about it yet, ... Read more »

Shouting at the Wind

From the blog, Shouting At The Wind
Welcome to "Shouting At The Wind" - a weekly(ish) blog dedicated to addressing the day to day struggles faced by people with mental disorders. My name is Kevin Medeiros. I am not a psychologist, though I have a Bachelor's Degree in psychology. I do, however, have a family fraught with various different mantel disorders. I have learned over the years the strife of coping with Autism, Bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia ... Read more »

Waking up crying

From the blog, My Bleeding Heart
I wake up crying because i dont want to live yet another day. it sickens me. not because of what i have or dont have to do. just because i have to be alive yet another day. and the more i cry every day, the less i want to live. i'll never get out of this loop. i just want to die ... Read more »

Today's Church isn't working for many

From the blog, A Blog of Thinking Allowed
It's a sad day when one realizes there just isn't a church to go to for worshipping God ... and dare I add "like we used to"?   I realize that when the baby boomers began to attend church as adults, they began to change some things.   The parents had dutifully taken their entire families to church for the weekly morning Bible Study and worship service and baby boomers continued this ... Read more »

When a loved one becomes Toxic

From the blog, kymaro
I've always knew my loved one was difficult to be around, she always would say "people with Bi-Polar are just acting out, jealous because they don't receive attention and need a good spanking". It didn't matter how much I attempted to talk to her and educate her. Leaving pamphlets and education print-outs, but with little hope, it always ended up in the trash unread. Sometimes before I could even leave ... Read more »

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