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Sick of being sick....

From the blog, Bittersweet Heartsongs
To anyone who reads this blog, you might have been wondering where I have been. Well, I have taken a bit of a break from this site (more on that later), and also, I've been physically sick, and it seems like I have been sick forever! It all started with a scratchy throat, which turned into a fierce cold. That cold settled deep in my chest and as a result, I ... Read more »

Waking up crying

From the blog, My Bleeding Heart
I wake up crying because i dont want to live yet another day. it sickens me. not because of what i have or dont have to do. just because i have to be alive yet another day. and the more i cry every day, the less i want to live. i'll never get out of this loop. i just want to die ... Read more »

Today's Church isn't working for many

From the blog, A Blog of Thinking Allowed
It's a sad day when one realizes there just isn't a church to go to for worshipping God ... and dare I add "like we used to"?   I realize that when the baby boomers began to attend church as adults, they began to change some things.   The parents had dutifully taken their entire families to church for the weekly morning Bible Study and worship service and baby boomers continued this ... Read more »

Born on January 4, 2016

From the blog, impressions
I feel like Beth is back. I woke up this morning and she was there in my head and heart after what seems like a lifetime. I mean, I went with Missy for our walk and it's one of those gorgeous sunny days, but cold....a true gift here in Florida, no brutal heat beating down....and thoughts just flowed naturally. The vivid colors and beauty of the trees and grass and ... Read more »

When a loved one becomes Toxic

From the blog, kymaro
I've always knew my loved one was difficult to be around, she always would say "people with Bi-Polar are just acting out, jealous because they don't receive attention and need a good spanking". It didn't matter how much I attempted to talk to her and educate her. Leaving pamphlets and education print-outs, but with little hope, it always ended up in the trash unread. Sometimes before I could even leave ... Read more »

Many meds

From the blog, Bipolar Maturity
I saw a post in a forum today where someone was complaining about having to take five medications every day. FIVE! I was laughing because I take more than twice that, and have for years. Not only am I bipolar, but I have high blood pressure, and diabetes, and adult growth hormone deficiency. Taking this many pills requires commitment and organization. I sort pills into ... Read more »

Mental Illness Doesn't Discriminate (Or Does It?)

From the blog, Lost in the Supermarket
A while back I started attending my local Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) support group. It has really helped me to talk to "real" people who understand firsthand what it is like to struggle with mental illness. I find the diversity of the attendees interesting. While we are mostly white (I live in a mostly white area), we come from all backgrounds and income brackets. Some are in the depths of ... Read more »


From the blog, Borderline and Bullshit
I flipped out last night. I thought one of my roommates was high and yelled at her and made her take a drug test. I was shaking so bad that another roommate asked me if I was coming off of something. We ended up all taking drug tests just to clear all suspicions. All tests were negative and then I felt like an idiot. I am going to ER today to ... Read more »

Ray Of Sunshine

From the blog, Johnny Eat World
"It's hard being a ray of sunshine in a cold, dark depressing world" ... Read more »


From the blog, The Daily Dark
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Not one bit...[/caption] ... Read more »

What Shall I Do Next? – Decisional Procrastination

From the blog, Inside Job
Happy New Year! You have probably been inundated by ideas about what to do for your new year’s resolution, by now, and have already given up on most of them. So I will not beat a dead horse, and today I will broach a different topic instead, that might be more useful to you for the remainder of 2015. I would ... Read more »

Normalcy Again

From the blog, Pinon Pine Blues
Just over a month ago I made an entry here about normalcy. In it I talked about my determination to maintain my stability. I also acknowledged there will be ups and downs in my life, and that this is normal. Now, a month or so later, I'm thinking more about normalcy and stability. What I'm coming to recognize is that I really have minimal experience with a stable life. The past ... Read more »

RE: Is it ok?

From the blog, ⇜ŞŤiŁL↭฿r₀kℯℕ⇝
Link: ---- Things do have a way of getting better though... I don't believe its okay, but then i'm not in your shoes, so i really have no right to say one way or the other. And i have no right to judge. The only other thing i can think of though, is have you been diagnosed with anxiety at ... Read more »

Shouting At The Wind

From the blog, Shouting At The Wind
Welcome to "Shouting At The Wind" - a weekly blog dedicated to addressing the day to day struggles faced by people with mental disorders. My name is Kevin Medeiros. I am not a psychologist, though I have a Batchelor's Degree in psychology. I do, however, have a family rought with various different mantel disorders. I have learned over the years the strife of coping with Autism, Bipolar disorder, OCD, Schitzophrenia, ... Read more »

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